Staten Island's Redeeming Quality

Well, I wasn't sure that Staten Island had anything good going for it. I mean, we have a garbage dump that's visible from space, a serious overpopulation issue and a virtual epidemic of assholes in large gas guzzling SUV's. Sounds like paradise, huh?

Well, much to my surprise, I discovered a redeeming quality on this godforsaken island that I'm inexplicably still trapped in. A few weekends ago, the wife and I were bored and it was a stunning day out so we decided to go for a walk in the Mount Loretta area. Some of you may know that the church on these grounds is where the baptism scene is filmed in "The Godfather". (This is a movie I have never seen, which causes my father to try and disown me every time I mention it.) I only know this because a website told me. But I digress.

So, we're walking through and it's very nice and serene. We find a path that leads down to the beach so we figure we can take a big loop around and detour on the beach.

So we're walking along, examining shells and crunching in inches deep piles of mussel shells.
Suddenly we look up and there seems to be something strange in the distance. Some weird....formations, of a sort.

It seems as though someone has made all of these rock piles, balanced precariously on each other. Like, hundreds of rock piles. We keep walking through them, and start finding our own rocks to add to the piles and see who can balance them the best. Ours of course, kept falling off, but whoever had done this meant business. Each and every stone was placed in such a way as to fulyl support the ones going on top of it. I feel like I could have thrown my whole body weight against these rocks and nothing would have happened. They were put together EXTREMELY well. And there were hundreds of them. Like, a mile and a half worth.

So, I was intrigued. I wanted to find out who had done this. I went to my trusty website, Forgotten NY and lo and behold, the newest entry was'D%20NEVER%20BELIEVE/loretto/loretto.html

Apparently, a slightly off-kilter Staten Island Zoo worker, who takes our beloved groundhog, Chuck, home with him on the weekends to better acclimate him to human contact, does his rock piling as a hobby. Why? Just cause. Read the article here:

So, I found a redeeming quality for Staten Island. There are still some people here who do things simply for the joy it brings them.


missy&chrissy said...

i thought that zookeeper was awesome when i read the Chuck article awhile he just might be my new idol! i'll have to take a trip to mt. loretto and see these rocks - looks really cool.

soulspeak23 said...

yeah, it's definitely a cool thing to do. wait till its warmer though. no one wants to traipse on the beach while freezing!

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