Introducing my 1006 pets

Ok, so I know I haven't posted in quite some time now. But life's been crazy and then there were the holidays and a million other excuses that I'm sure no one cares about. But in the last week or so, I've been spending a lot of time with my animals and figured, why not post about them?
So, without further ado, here are my children, in order of acquisition.

Official Name: Chadwick

Time of acquisition: June 2004
Age: 4.5
Nicknames: Fatboy, Chaddie-son, Chunkin, Wet-head, Panda and sometimes, Chunkinfatboy
Likes: Food, water, especially when run out of the faucet and onto his head, beating up his sister, gazing out the nearest available window, chewing on human hands and cheese
Dislikes: Being touched (most of the time), his sister, the vacuum
Special Talents: He has developed a method for conveying his needs to us in the middle of the night, by sitting on the toilet seat and using his powerful little nose to push up on the porcelain top of the toilet tank and letting it slam back down. Repeatedly. Until we get up to see what he wants, which is usually more water.

Official Name: Gia

Time of acquisition: July 2004
Age: 4.5
Nicknames: Mamagirl, Beautygirl, Gia-mummel, Mummels, Squirly and Schitzo
Likes: Rubbing her head on her mommies heads, cuddling, shrimp, Redbug (otherwise known as the laser pointer), sitting on the radiators and trying to trip you wherever you go
Dislikes: Loud or sudden noises of ANY kind, her brothers beating her up, doing anything you ask of her if she doesn't want to.
Special Talents: She is a master of escape. She somehow managed to navigate her way out of our house, onto our second floor porch and down to the ground level without injury. She is also the only one to successfully fly across the seven feet between our porch and the next door neighbors, which are both about 20 feet off the ground. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it.

Official Name: Tucclli (pronounced Tootsley), Hungarian word for "Milk Sucker"

Time of acquisition: August 2006
Age: 2.5
Nicknames: Tootsala, Tootsie, Toots, Snow Leopard, Purring Machine and Tootsle-butt
Likes: Milk, any dairy product containing milk, playing with his stuffed monkey, purring, rolling on the floor to kill you with his cuteness and milk.
Dislikes: Being cold (he actually shivers), toothpaste, getting told no.
Special Talents: Locating milk. No matter how quiet you may pour yourself a bowl of cereal, or how deeply asleep he may be while you do so, once you sit down to actually eat it, he will miraculously appear next to you, trying to get his face in your bowl.

Official Name: Wormies (1000 of them)

Time of acquisition: June 2008
Age: 1 month to a year, depending on worm
Nicknames: Garbage Disposal
Likes: Eating Garbage, climbing up the walls of their home, and darkness
Dislikes: Onions of any kind as well as tomato skins
Special Talents: Turning my kitchen refuse into "black gold" fertilizer. Yes, I am vermicomposting in my home.

Official Name: Master

Time of acquisition: August 2008
Age: About 6 months
Nicknames: Master-Beta. he he he
Likes: Swimming in circles, eating, creating beautiful bubble nests for his babies
Dislikes: Anytime we disturb his bamboo plants, cause it messes up his bubble nests
Special Talents: Um, bubble nests?

Official Name: Hercules

Time of acquisition: December 2008
Age: approximately 1.5
Nicknames: Goldfish murderer
Likes: Turtle pellets, goldfish, swimming backwards (I swear) and his ceramic turtle friend who lives in the tank with him (though we suspect he might like his friend a little TOO much, if ya know what I mean).
Special Talents: I'm gonna go with swimming backwards

Official Name: Either Tweety or Kid - to be determined

Time of acquisition: January 16, 2009
Age: We're thinking 7-8 months
Nicknames: Baby, Tricky
Likes: Sleeping, being held, purring, cuddling, chasing paper balls and trying to play with the other cats who want nothing to do with him yet
Dislikes: Haven't really found any yet but he will probably not like having his balls removed very much.
Special Talents: Making noises on a decibel level that would make most dogs cry. He sounds like a bird.

So those are my children. They alternately drive me insane and then keep me sane. It's a catch 22, but I love em!

Author's note: I have no idea what the problem with the hugeness of these photos is, but I can't seem to fix it. I guess we'll just have to deal.


small town dyke said...

Quite the big family, I know what you mean about the driving you crazy / loving them all at once. I promise our 1yr old puppy I will love him in a year or so. Glad to see you poseting again.

missy&chrissy. said...

the kitties are adorable! it's great that your home is filled with so many pets - i so miss having even just one.

and i'm curious - do the cats know about the worm bin? and if so, do they try and infiltrate it?

soulspeak23 said...

M&C - they do know about the worm bin, but they couldn't care less if they tried.
There was that one worm who escaped though. Poor guy dried up and died right outside his home. lol

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