2 in 1 day?!?!?! But I couldn't resist...

Found this one and it simply cracked me up because I can remember this exactly. Written 3/30/99 at 9:59pm. (I was very precise back then with the dates and times, but I'm pretty glad of it now.)

In my rear view mirror
I saw a man use his
reflection in a piece of
glass at the bank to
replace his combover
where he wanted
it after the wind
had blown it
And I wondered, silently to myself if he
silently wondered and hoped to himself that
no one had seen him. I feel for him. His
combover secret is safe with me.


Jennifer Juniper said...

haha Awww, poor guy.

On a very TINY related note, I remember once being in a McDonald's drivethrough and I was looking in my rearview mirror fixing my bangs (back when I had a shaved head except for the bangs) while waiting for the guy ahead to pay and leave. When I pulled up to the window, the kid (hesitantly, I might add) told me my food (french fries, I was still vegetarian) was paid for by the guy in front of me who thought it was cute that I was fixing my hair or something.

So weird!

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