Complaining can sometimes work to your benefit

So, a little less than 3 years ago, my friend Nick had come to visit the wife and I on the day he was going to propose to his girlfriend. The kid was disheveled, to say the least. His hair was all fro-ish, he looked like crap and he was nervous as all hell. HH and I decided to take pity on him and we fixed the boy up. He was given a nice, neat haircut, a facial, a manicure and many words of encouragement. The proposals acceptance was almost a foregone conclusion since they'd been together almost five years by then, but he wanted to make sure everything was perfect. He had remembered everything, except to take care of himself! After our little makeshift "Man-spa" day, he felt much better and had calmed down some. He went off to propose and the rest is history. He and his wife just celebrated their 1 year anniversary.
So, fast forward to yesterday. Nick was coming over after work to hang out for a bit, as his wife wasn't feeling too good. And I happened to mention during the day that my back had been killing me and that I had a knot that could kill a horse. I told him jokingly that I wanted to cash in on the "man-spa" day favor he promised us. So, lo and behold, he gets out of his car with some large bag and brings it in the house. We eat some pizza and chill out for a bit. He tells me to go put on a tank top and when I get back, he's set up a massage chair in my living room. Oh, did I forget to mention that in the time between his proposal and now, he's become a trained massage therapist?? Yeah.
So I've decided that the most wonderful thing on earth is getting a massage, in your living room, by someone who does this for a living. Bliss. HH and I got about 25 minutes each and we were both in mini-coma's by the time he was done. It was truly awesome.
So thanks, Nick. I'm so glad we waited 3 years to cash that in!


Mamasoo said...


Can I borrow him? You should have a spa party, and hire Nick.

Anonymous said...

man, i so wish i lived closer for some random visits!! - Kat

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