The Excuse Me People

OK, so, I'm waiting for the ferry last night to take me on home. I had just missed the previous one so I was pretty close to the front, near the doors, for this next one. Now, there's no real line or anything, it's just a huge waiting room and everyone gets as close to the doors as they can. I'm probably about 10 people deep from the doors, which is pretty damn close.
I'm minding my own business, bopping to my ipod when I hear a loud "Excuse me!" followed by an indian woman in a sari dragging along three snotty kids by the arm which she dragged directly through my body and into the space in which I was standing.
I cannot stand this shit. Happens all the damn time.
And I don't even know why they bother to say excuse me in the first place. It's out of context. I mean, if I were standing in her way and she needed to get past me, she could say "excuse me", I'd move to let her pass on her way and I'd move right back to where I was standing, no harm done. But no, she should really have said, "Hey, get the fuck out of my way because I'm obviously so much more important than you that I need to stand in the exact place where you're standing just to exercise my specialness."
There is no excuse for her.
And I just don't understand it. It's not like this is a blow up life boat with a capacity of 12 we're talking about here. It's a boat that holds 6,000 freaking people! It's not like you're going to get left behind, lady. And there will even be a seat for everyone who gets on! Amazing!
Even though I live in NYC, the rudest of the rude continue to amaze me.


Jennifer Juniper said...


Yes. This is know about. Frakkin' ridiculous. I'll never understand it.

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