15,000 people in California have NOTHING better to do with their time than walk around, door-to-door trying to pass a measure that will effectively restrict the ability to love?!?!
This truly amazes me when there are so many more fucked up things going on in the world. What about starving children, children with no parents, the war, poverty, homelessness, corruption, politicians stumping for "family values" while screwing their interns on the side?? How about putting all your energy toward finding solutions for these things rather than concentrating on specifically taking rights away from a certain group of people when all they want to do is love each other!??
And the reasons they picked to focus on are so stupid it's not even funny.
Here are the "Six Consequences If Proposition 8 Fails". Extra special, huh?

But then, somewhere along the line, I found this gem, a beautifully crafted, well thought out, intelligent rebuttal of each and every point those "consequences" sought to make.
I love it. Well done, Bill!

So, I have to wonder if everything I've ever been told about California is a lie. Like there's so much to do, the nightlife is hoppin, it's the entertainment capital of the world. Because, if they are THIS bored over there, I think I'd rather head over to Delaware for some real excitement. Maybe I can watch the grass grow there.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Holy crap. I knew already how crappy this was, but I hadn't actually read much about it. That just...aarrghh! I'm liking shaking from anger. I fucking hate people.

I like that rebuttal, though. I can't even imagine how one could remain calm enough after reading that to write something so thoughtful and not filled with rage...

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