Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

So, my girls at work are both huge spice-heads and think that the hotter it is, the better. They have their own bottles of hot sauces in their desks and put it on everything. Jalapeno peppers are like a mild snack to them. They MAKE their own hot sauces and something that sounds like peek-lees, which is basically fire with some cabbage thrown in. You know, things that hurt to SMELL. My level of spice is nowhere near theirs, but I do like a little spicy now and then. Like, a little bit. Tiny.

So last week, on the one day we’re actually all together nowadays, we went to get lunch at Chipotle. If you haven’t been to one, go now. I’ll wait. Yummy, yummy food. So I get my usual Veggie Burrito Bowl filled with rice, fajita veggies, guacamole, some salsas and cheese and as I’m standing there with them as they’re filling up their little travel cups with the various provided hot sauces, I decide that I wanna try some too. I’m tired of being the spice wimp. So I get myself a little helping of some Tabasco Green Pepper sauce, which says “milder” on the bottle. We go back to work and dig in. I carefully interspersed my few drops of sauce over the whole of my burrito bowl and I declare that it is good. It’s got just that right amount of heat. I like it.

Fast forward to today. Mamasoo and I order up some more Chipotle. And I figure, since I liked the spicy so much last week, why don’t I ramp up the intensity just a little bit more and get one of the spicier salsa’s put right in there. Now, I already have fresh tomato salsa and roasted-chili corn salsa added in as my standard. So I up it one level to add in the tomatillo-green chili salsa, which I’ve never had before. How bad can it be? Oh, and I also got about twice the amount of the Tabasco sauce too. We come back to work and I just pour that sauce right over everything, like it’s my job. No careful sprinkling of drops at all. Just a drenching.

And now, now that the fire is out and my eyes have stopped watering unnaturally, I can admit it. I got cocky with the hot. It took me nearly two hours to finish that bowl, because I had to take breaks. You know, to allow my mouth to regain the ability to feel. Mamasoo came back into my office at one point to get some more chips, and I made her take them and the salsa away, whilst the only thing I was able to utter was “It’s too hot! It’s too hot!” as she laughed her way back out.

So while I can handle a few strategically placed drops of the mild Tabasco, I think I’ll be skipping the green chili salsa from now on. Cocky’s not really my style anyway, so I’ll admit defeat.

My lunch kicked my ass today.


Anonymous said...

thats the funniest thing ever.. i literally laughed out loud. i can picture you doing this...dummy.

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