Snowboarding took over my life

Hey guys. It’s been a while. Yet again. I’m bad at this. I’ll admit it. But I’ve got a good excuse this time. It’s not my fault. No, really. It’s true. I’ve been abducted for the last three months by the snowboarding monster. And I feel bad for the 3 people or so who actually read this blog, because they’re already most likely sick of hearing about it, and here I am, writing about it, so they have to READ it, too. I’m sure they’re thrilled.
So HH and I have developed a horrible addiction and seriously EVERY weekend from December 12th, until now, with the exception of the week we were in Florida and the other weekend I got bursitis in my hip, we have been on some mountain, somewhere, snowboarding. And while we do all of this voluntarily and it’s fun, it’s gotten to feel like a second job of sorts and I don’t remember what my couch feels like to my butt. I miss my couch. I used to spend a lot of time there. Now, I go to work for 5 days, which is really just a buffer for the weekends, and then I get up even earlier on the weekends to get in the car, eat various forms of fast food all day long, waste copious amounts of gas, buy expensive lift tickets, throw myself off of mountains and bust my ass, repeatedly. All. Weekend. Long.
Before I know what the hell happened to me, it’s Monday morning, I’m back on the subway and wondering how I got there. I look down when I’m driving and wonder how the hell I have 17,000 miles on a 9 month old car. Where did I go? How many freaking times did I go there?? Why does EZPass think that I need to maintain $115 at all times on my account and anything below $57 is now considered “low balance”?? Oh right, cause I live in the car every weekend.
Snowboarding has trumped everything for the last three months. And I mean everything. We don’t do dishes, cause we don’t really cook. Our dining room table has turned into the snowboarding clothing/equipment receptacle. There’s giant snowboarding boots strewn about the living room. Both of our laptops have instant links to various mountains we frequent so we can check the snow conditions and web cams. We tolerate the incessant rattling on the car created by the snowboard-holding-roof rack.
And speaking of the car; oh that poor thing. She’s been used and abused, covered in mud and salt and snow, inside and out, the butt warmers never shut off, she smells like sweaty feet, cause sometimes the boots live in the trunk for weeks on end. Car wash, what’s that? We’ve taken to scrubbing the side view mirrors with Dunkin Donuts napkins so we can attempt to see out of them and we’ve probably gone through about 3 gallons of windshield wiper fluid.
But I’m ready for a break. I looked up the weather earlier in the week and I nearly cried tears of joy when I saw that the weekend was going to be completely drenched with rain over all available reasonable driving-distance mountains. I’ve never been so happy to hear about a rainy weekend in my life. So this means that we have to stay home! I can clean the house, cook a meal, and reacquaint my butt with my couch! It’s so exciting! I can watch a MOVIE! And maybe even see what the hell I’ve been recording on my DVR. I may even bake something.
Oh, I tell ya, me and HH are gonna do some serious, big, fat NOTHING this weekend. And I, for one, can’t wait.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you and HH. Is it sad, that I knew which two weekends you didn't snowboard. 17k miles!!!!!!!! THAT's crazy. Although, I do hope you get to go one more time before the season is over :)

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